Split wireless keyboard
  • tpathirana October 2010

    I think that the TypeMatrix keyboard is great. I have yet to order one though, because I'm waiting for the German version.

    Meanwhile, I have a suggestion.
    For designers with graphic tablets it's always been a compromise where to place the keyboard in respect to the tablet. If placed nearer to the screen one would have to stretch, if placed closer to one self it would get in the way when drawing. Placing it on one side of the tablet would strain one arm. Placing it *on* the tablet is not an option.
    so my suggestion is to create a split wireless keyboard of which one half can be placed left of the tablet and one half on the right.
    Ideally, one would be able to connect them together, so they form a single keyboard (useful for transportation and when at a pc without a tablet). But also having the option of connecting the separate halves with a cable plus the possibility to connect the keyboard to the pc with a cable (for recharging, as mentioned elsewhere in this forum).

    I know, this would be quite a project, but I think it woudl be extremely useful for people who use a keyboard only occasionally (apart from keyboard shortcuts) but if so then intensively .

    What do you think?

  • ola December 2010

    Also. I think a split version would be great for ergonomic reasons. So you can adjust depending on your size.

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  • ola December 2010