are any NEO2 users here?
  • kell0ggs October 2010

    Is anyone using the neo2 keyboard layout with the tm2030? I started learning it with this keyboard and came in trouble when the third layer has been introduced. Has anybody solved this problem?


  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2010

    @kell0ggs: We've actually been in somewhat active discussion with the neo group. (You can find a number of threads in their newsgroups about us at - mostly in German of course). We're interested in making a NEO-friendly skin or layers in future versions of the keyboard, but we've been unable to nail down a concrete plan. We had the NEO usersgroup review our existing keyboard for their layout with mixed results. The NEO standard itself is also still somewhat of a moving target, making it more difficult for us to invest in developing a NEO version.

    However we're always interested in encouraging discussion on the topic.

  • cslotty August 2012

    I'm interested in a neo2 layout, too! (+1, German)

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    Our research up to this point has indicated that there isn't enough demand for a NEO layout and that our keyboard may not be well suited for the NEO layouts. We made quite an effort to reach out to the NEO community but were mostly told by them that this wasn't a good solution.

    Having said that if enough interest can be generated, we're happy to review this. We'd need a commitment that 100 skins would be purchased for it to make sense for us to start producing them.

    One approach is to get a blank keyboard with a clear universal 102 skin (the completely clear skin works too, but the universal 102 skin has at least the control keys printed on) and then use stickers under the skin to get the layout you'd like. If you find a way to make any of the NEO layouts work correctly on the TypeMatrix - we would be very interested in learning the details. You would likely want to look at using the keyboard in 102 or 106 key modes.
    102 key mode:
    106 key mode:
    A supplier of keyboard stickers that other customers have used:

    Let us know if you have any additional information on this - we're always open to learn and reconsider.

  • cslotty September 2012

    Thanks for your feedback!

    I recently bought a TypeMatrix keyboard and at the moment I'm trying to get neo2 married with the TypeMatrix. I bought neo2 key stickers (, and I'm working on applying them.

    I think the skin stuff isn't the right thing for me, as I bought and tried the German QWERTZ skin with the keyboard and found that I don't like the feel of it. Keys just can't be pressed well and fast enough, for my feeling.

    I'll let you know how I get along with it, as soon as I'm done applying the stickers and getting accustomed with the neo2-TypeMatrix combination! It might still take some time, though, as it's a bit complicated and I don't find much time for it.

    Maybe you're right and the TypeMatrix isn't well suited for neo2 - I'll try it anyways....


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