A handy tip for Mac users (KeyRemap4MacBook)
  • anders December 2010

    On a Mac the Command key has an awkward position. There are workarounds but I think they come with their own problems. Remapping the keys in System Preferences remaps both Alt keys when you really only want to remap the left one, and Fn+F4 (Mac mode) is something you have to do every time you boot, and you can't use that in combination with Dvorak or Colemak mode.

    I finally found a proper solution which can fix that and other things like the App/Copy/Cut/Paste keys especially for TypeMatrix 2030 users: http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/ Even though it's called "Key Remap 4 MacBook" it works with other Macs, not just MacBooks. In fact I'm using it on a Hackintosh with no issues at all.

    A sidenote: It can remap QWERTY -> Colemak similar to how the keyboard does it with Fn+F5. Using a custom layout in OS X doesn't work in all apps, such as StarCraft II but it does using this app.

    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/H8PJt.png

  • alancoman January 2011

    The keyremap4MacBook is awesome.

    I made some tweaks so you can directly use cut-copy and paste by using DV in Mac OS X, so no need to use the hardware switch on Typematrix.

    See instructions at http://alantheeconomist.blogspot.com/2011/01/using-cut-copy-paste-on-mac-os-x-on.html

    For those who don't feel like typing or modifying the tags of the xml file, email me (the address is mentioned following the link) and I will email it to you.



  • It's always great to see our customers contribute to the users community!

    : Thanks for this tip. We'll pass this along to other Mac users having similar difficulties.

    : Thanks for setting that up. This will likely help many of our Mac users.


  • valentinova January 2012

    Hy !

    I installed KeyRemap4MacBook
    and only need to change the

    Keybord comma into a dot (.)

    I managed It through the System Settings
    It seems to be ok but It doesn't work at all!

    Is anyone able to help me ?

    Best thanks

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