Questions about new programmable keyboard.
  • bonega February 2011

    I am using a layout for navigation ALT-ijkl is standard navigation.
    ALT-IK is pageup/down.
    ALT-d is backspace.
    This is accomplished by external programs, but would be awesome having in hardware.
    Will I be able to bind multikeys to a command?

    I have three 2030's at the moment, but it would be a given upgrade.

  • TypeMatrix_admin February 2011

    The details of the programmable keyboard haven't been set in stone yet, but the idea was to allow function/command/special key sequences to be programmed as different "layers" of keyboard layouts. We've unfortunately had some setbacks with the project recently, but we will keep you updated as things develop.


  • nantais March 2011

    Could you do something to allow asynchronous typing, typing without computer ?
    This is inspired from the goal of alphasmart (now neo) keyboard.
    It could be useful to just take the keyboard and type what is in mind, to paste it later in computer.
    If not, would you recommend / join some e-link light and with big autonomy tablet ?

  • @nantais:

    That sounds interesting, but is unfortunately a bit outside of the scope of the current programmable keyboard project. We also don't have a ready recommendation for e-ink or tablet devices, but I'm sure a little googling around will get you on your way.


  • Just a quick comment on this thread - since it got spammed heavily. Please refrain from linking to your own commercial blogs or websites unless they are very clearly related to the topic. We're having troubles with spammers, and even if you just have a link in your footer, we will likely just delete it altogether. Sorry to have to be so draconian, but until we get these spammers fully under control we have to be a little strict.


  • Snarfangel February 2012

    Wow, the spammers have hit hard. I hate when that happens.

    I was just going to say that I really like the model 2020 that I just purchased from you on Ebay last week. If you know the specifications yet, is the new programmable going to have a bit wider separation between left and like like the 2020 (which I like), or a little narrower like the 2030? I am especially interested in trying my own key layouts. :)

  • void2258 May 2012

    The spammers are at it again. The last two comments are advertisements.

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012

    Looks like we've got the spammers better under control now. Thanks for the heads-up.


    Unfortunately the programmable version project is at a standstill and we're not yet sure we'll be able to revive it after a number of set-backs. We'll update here if there is any further development, but as of now the project is dead.


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