Tutorial: How to remap TypeMatrix keys (mail, calc, www, desktop, play, app, etc.) with autohotkey!
  • Tommy_Gun February 2011

    I wrote a short tutorial after changing my own keys around. It's very easy to do, and extremely useful. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll update the post!


  • KeithB February 2011

    Thanks for that tutorial. I know how to use autohotkey, but your examples gave me ideas I wouldn't have thought of. Here's are my new and improved AHK assignments:

    Capslock::Delete ;switch thees back to the way they used to be

    ;per Tommy_Gun tutorial, except I got rid of the "ctrl"
    Media_Play_Pause::^c ;chg "play" to ctrl-c rather than stock ctrl+ins
    AppsKey::^v ; chg to ctrl-v rather than stock shift+ins

    Browser_Home::Insert ;move insert key to www

    #d::#Capslock ; use the desktop key to run the keyboard shortcut for the "Switcher" program.

    Launch_Mail::PrintScreen ;make printscreen a one-key operation

  • Tommy_Gun February 2011

    Nice! I guess I don't really want copy/paste to be on single keys, in case of accidental pasting in IMs and things like that. Also, I use the "play" button a lot for listening to streaming radio, so it's nice to have there.

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