How about a British English layout
  • IMGrant February 2011

    Do you have plans to produce a British English layout (skin or full hardware)?

  • TypeMatrix_admin February 2011

    @IMGrant: We are actually in the process of getting a new factory to produce skins for us, but once we get them setup, we have plans to provide versions for British QWERTY and British DVORAK (as well as several other language layouts). We're not quite ready to give an exact date but we expect it to be before this summer.

  • IMGrant September 2011

    Hi again! I just sat this thread and thought someone else had asked this question, but now I see it was me back in Feb this year!

    Anyway... I'm guessing not, but any update on this?

  • void2258 September 2011

    A Japanese skin to go with the 106 key mode would be handy. I use kana mode instead of transliteration, so having labels is very important for me as I work up to full touch-typing.

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2011

    We're in the process of designing more layouts for additional skins right now and hope to be placing an order with the new factory soon.

    As for Japanese, the 106 mode was actually designed with languages like Japanese in mind, so we're hoping to design a Japanese skin in the near future as well.

    If either of you are interested in helping us get the layout design right, please email us at Thanks!


  • yeoj July 2012

    Any word on the british qwerty and dvorak skins?


  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    Britsh qwerty and Dvorak skins are now available in the Store!


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