Why don't you advertise the fact that you support Colemak?
  • sermoa February 2011

    I only recently found out that the TypeMatrix supports Colemak layout (activated by Fn+F5) ... i would have switched to Colemak two years ago had i known this! I now know 3 people as well as me who are using a blank TypeMatrix with Colemak layout, and another 3 who are considering it!

    In my opinion you should make this as prominent as the Dvorak option on your website. I've used Dvorak for nearly ten years, but i believe Colemak is even better.

    You should also mention the benefits of the hardware switch for pair programming, as there is no need to continually switch keyboard layout when you have a TypeMatrix. It is for this reason that i couldn't be without my TypeMatrix!

  • @sermoa:

    Thanks for your input. We've actually supported Colemak for a while, and are working on getting a batch of Colemak labeled skins from our new skin factory. Once we receive them, we'll certainly start promoting this feature much more.


  • KoreyPeters April 2011

    I would be very interested in a Colemak skin as well. I bought a 2030 recently with a blank key board and a clear skin and hand-wrote the letters on it. I`d much prefer something official. :)

  • lumor April 2011


    I would love to see an official Colemak TypeMatrix skin. Have been lurking around this forum post and the site for a while, hope they get in soon.

  • We've finally received the long awaited shipment of skins, so we are now ready to place an order for the Colemak (and several other) versions. We're working on getting the layouts designed now and will post as soon as we know more.

  • lumor September 2011


  • void2258 September 2011

    Any chance that the keyboard also supports Workman layout?

  • We're actually looking into the Workman layout at the moment. From what we've learned so far, we may not need to make any hardware changes, and we're working on designing a skin for it, so then you would be able to switch the layout in your operating system and use the Workman labeled skin. We'll post more on this once we get closer to releasing it.


  • void2258 January 2012

    Any news on the colemak skins? Dvorak is too far out there for me (especially since I have to go behind my computer and unplug to change skins), but colemak is close enough to qwerty that I would be able to give it a try if I had a skin to help me use it.

  • amanuddin February 2012

    Can I buy it using a visa or maestro debit card. I don't have a credit card.

  • amanuddin February 2012

    And when will colemak skin come?

  • We placed the order for Colemak skins a few weeks ago and expect them within 4-6 weeks from our factory.

    We will make an announcement when they arrive to let you know they are available. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive this email. To sign up go to http://typematrix.com/ and fill out the sign up form in the bottom right corner. You can always check back here if you prefer.


  • cgo April 2012

    Is that estimate (4-6 weeks) still valid? Any word on the colemak skins?

  • @cgo:
    Almost. What we're being told is that they should be in our warehouse around the middle of May, so just a little while longer. We will make an announcement shortly. Thanks a ton for you patience,


  • void2258 June 2012

    It's almost the end of June. What is going on with those skins?

  • @void2258:

    The skins arrived in our warehouse today. Watch for an email announcement and ability to order them online in the next 24 hours.


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