Behaviour windows vista after mishit Fn key
  • Hajo January 2012


    I use an older model of the 2030, withe the Fn key in line with start/app/shuffle.

    If I accidentally mix up the Fn and Ctrl key when I want to use Fn-cut (or copy or past), the keyboard or windows won't work propperly anymore. I can't input text, using the Fn key combinations just opens all kind of window menus. And when I click with the mouse on a pictogram in the quickstart it opens the menu which I usualy get with the right mouse button.

    I seem not able to find the right key combination to fix it. Restart is the only option I know.

    What can be the problem and how to fix it.


    Thanks fot the great keyboard!

  • Hello there, it sounds like your alt key is either getting stuck, or inadvertently getting activated.

    First, please make sure you're not accidentally activating a feature of Windows called "Sticky Keys":
    This happens when you repeatedly press a key like Shift or Alt, and the OS allows you to configure it to then become depressed until deactivated. Depending on the version of Windows, there are different ways to configure or disable this feature.

    Second, please make sure there are no physical obstructions like dirt, or other obstructions in the keyboard or under the key. Take a look at:
    for some guidance.

    If neither of those work for you, send us an email at and we'll see what we can do for you.


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