Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel
  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2010

    We are committed to helping people overcome typing pain due to Repetitive Strain Injury and Carpal Tunnel. Tell us things you do that help with your discomfort from typing.

  • Poulpette September 2010


    Personally I developed the Thoracic-outlet-syndrome on both arms which made me quite unable to use a computer for more than 10 or 15 minutes.
    I must go to a kinesiotherapist but in addition I changed my keyboard (I now use a TypeMatrix 2030 with a BÉPO skin — I’m French) and bought a pair of wrist support (Wristease®) two months ago. Since I still have some pain but it has nothing to do with what I had to endure for some months.
    I hesitated to buy a TypeMatrix because it’s an expensive product and I couldn’t try it. But really, I have absolutely no regrets.
    TypeMatrix + wrist support = definitely less pain (well, at least I can use my computer for some hours again).

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2010

    Hi Poulpette-

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. We wish you continued improvement on your condition and hope others can be encouraged by your improvement and will consider incorporating Typematrix into their lives to ease typing pain as well.

  • qwasty October 2010

    I tried most of the alternative keyboards on the market. I spent many thousands of dollars trying out the most advanced, custom keyboards. Of those high-end keyboards, the TypeMatrix was both the cheapest and the best, which is a rare combination.

    My pain was so severe that I couldn't tell which keyboard was the best at first because everything hurt, but after I began to heal, I was able to start typing again, and the only keyboard that didn't cause the problem to flare up again was the TypeMatrix. The TypeMatrix was also the only keyboard designed to be portable, which was a third bonus.

    Now I can type completely pain free, thanks to the TypeMatrix keyboard. I use the Dvorak version of an older model of the 2030.

  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2010

    @qwasty: Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  • Stoune January 2011

    At TypeMatrix 2030 I wasn't found Context Menu button. I'm use it heavily. I have a Logitech keyboard and found that frequent switching to mouse or using alternate shortcut Shift+F10 causes pain and spasms, currently I reprogramed calc button for Context Menu.
    From my point of view all frequent shortcuts for real anti-RSI should be substituted by one button. Ideally to have a vertical line(for example at left corner) with 4 or 5 reprogrammable buttons for frequent shortcuts (in my case Cut, Copy, Paste and Layout Switching, Context Menu should be present also, but as usual button.

  • TypeMatrix_admin February 2011

    @Stoune: The "context menu" button you're referring to is also sometimes called the "Application Menu" and is labeled "app" on the 2030, two buttons to the left of space.


  • sermoa February 2011

    For me the most important thing is to use the correct shift button, as in the opposite one to the one hand you're using to type the letter. I found it's still possible to use a typematrix and suffer from RSI if i contort one hand to press two keys at once.

    For this reason i would love it if we could get a second 'app' button for the right hand to use.

  • @sermoa:
    Can you elaborate a little more? While I follow the logic of having to use the correct shift button, I don't entirely follow how this applies to the 'app' button, which is incidentally one of the least used buttons that most people don't even know about or utilize at all. It's also not generally used in a key combination, so can you maybe elaborate on what the benefit would be of having more than one of these? Thanks for your input!


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