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  • amaneiroamaneiro March 2011


    it seems that a spanish skin/keyboard is going out the streets soon, as you advertised in the main page. I like the idea of having both qwerty and dvorak (and even colemak!) in the same keyboard, so I'd like to try typematrix. In order to make an informed decision about which product fits me better, I'd like to know...

    * What do you plan to sell for spanish language: skins or keyboards?
    * Are you gonna sell both dvorak & qwerty keyboards with spanish support? Only one?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @amaneiro:
    We are working on getting Spanish language skins into our product line, but we don't have an exact ETA yet as we're in the middle of changing skin manufacturers. If there is decent demand, we'll consider manufacturing some keyboards with Spanish labels printed on them, but that is not currently in the works.

    As for Dvorak and Colemak versions - these are fairly specific to the English language. There are certainly layout variations in Spanish as well, that we'll consider making if there is enough demand. For specific variations that aren't as common, it usually depends on that group getting in touch with us and showing us that there are enough supporters to justify the relatively high initial cost of making a batch of skins. One such group was Bepo and once they agreed to collectively preorder an amount of skins, we went ahead and made the investment to make a batch of their particular desired skin. We really enjoy our relationship with the Bepo group, and are happy to do the same for others, but it is simply financially impossible to make skins for a layout that we only get the occasional inquiry for.


  • Sirphaton March 2012


    After a year of the post. Do you have a release date for the spanish keyboard layout/skin?


  • Hello,

    We have actually placed the order for the Spanish layout skins a couple of weeks ago. Based on some factors beyond our control (like how busy the factory is, or how long the customs delay is) we can't guarantee a specific delivery date, but we expect to have them available for sale by the end of April or early May.

  • Sirphaton March 2012

    Oh, that sounds great.

    One more question. Will there be in qwerty and dvorak skin?, and if we walk in luck, also colemak?

  • @Sirphaton
    The keyboards should be in our warehouse in Mid-May slightly behind the schedule posted above. We did also order a batch of Colemak skins, so those will be available around the same time. The spanish layout will be in "Spanish International" which is the spanish version of qwerty.

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