Lost key?
  • xurxosanz May 2011

    Hi, I'm stuck trying to find where on the 2030 a key is. In Spanish layouts we have the </> key between the "z" and the shift key (see http://imageshack.us/f/466/tecladoej6.jpg/), but that key dissapeared on the typematrix layout.

    Should I have to remap any of the app. keys?

  • AzP August 2011

    In the Swedish layout you have to first press fn + F2, to enable the "102" mode. Then the </> is located below the 'z' key (in qwerty). It is the same button which you use together with fn to cut.

  • xurxosanz August 2011

    ohh shame on me... :-)

    thank you very much AzP!!!

  • AzP August 2011

    No problem!

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2011

    Glad you guys already worked this out. Thanks AzP!


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