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  • matiu February 2012

    How many keys can be mashed at once on the keyboard and still have them register to the computer.

    I heard that keyboards have matrices of keys wired to diodes and most have like 3-6 diodes .. so you can hold down for example wghl on some cheap keyboard as each key is on a different matrix, but you couldn't hold down 'weds'.

    So hard core gamers get keyboards with n-key rollover, meaning if they're holding like all four arrow keys and 5 number keys .. they all still work.

    Me, I want to learn steno as shown here:

    They say it's possible to get to 225 wpm for most people .. some do 360 wpm and the record is like 600 wpm.

    it works by mashing multiple keys at once to make words and phrases, max of 22 keys at once (you don't actually need 22 fingers, as long as at least one key is down the whole time, it's considered a 'chord').

    I'd like to know how many diodes and matrixes does the typematrix have ? how many keys can I mash :)

    Also, it'd be great if a futre version had n-key rollover if the current one doesn't (which I hope it does already).

    You can learn steno yourself with 'plover-fly':

    Thanks for reading.

  • bpierre February 2012

    Very interesting stuff! Unfortunately, I just tried Fly, and for example the "aeu" chord ("cnm" on qwerty) does not work...

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012

    In general the TypeMatrix supports 3 to 6 keys at a time, depending on the combination. If control keys are involved, the number will be higher, if you're trying letters/numbers only it will be lower.
    The electronics tend to get quite a bit more expensive if you want to support any combination. Unfortunately I don't think the current TypeMatrix will be your ticket for Steno.

    Let us know what you ended up using, all the best

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