How long till the Dvorak 2030's are back in stock?
  • devkev May 2011

    I know you can get a Dvorak skin but I would prefer the skinless.

  • devkev May 2011

    I've noticed some being sold on Amazon and Ebay under the name "Typematrix". If I bought one of those would I still get the money back guaranty?

  • Anything sold on Amazon under the name "TypeMatrix" is essentially us, and yes the guarantee and warranty apply. However, please make sure that you are really getting the product from the official TypeMatrix account, as we won't be able to provide service for products that were not purchased directly from us.

    An order has been placed with the factory for Dvorak labeled keyboards. We hope to have them around October.


  • void2258 September 2011

    The pictures on amazon seem to show a different layout, in particular the rightmost column is very different. Is this just an image mistake?

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2011

    Unfortunately this is something we're continuously battling with Amazon. The way selling works there, no one vendor "owns" the listing - or the images associated with it. We've deleted that picture in our listing, but Amazon shows what they consider to be an aggregate or cross-section of what all the vendors report for that product. We can't make them update the image, we can just add new ones and hope that it will change at some point.

    Unfortunately we also can't guarantee what you'll get if you purchase the product from anyone other than the official TypeMatrix account. However, if you do buy from us, we are only selling the most recent version of the keyboard on Amazon.


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