TypeMatrix keyboard makes mouse not work
  • graudeejs February 2012

    I've just received my TypeMatrix keyboard (with USB connector).
    However I do have a problem.

    When I plugin it in and reboot my FreeBSD 9, PS2 mouse doesn't work.
    there is no /dev/psm0, there is even no notice about it in dmesg.
    However mouse is powered.

    I've discovered that in order to get my mouse working I need to plugin my old PS2 keyboard (while having TypeMatrix plugged in, or plug it in later). Now when both keyboards are plugged everything seams to work as expected.

    Any ideas why this is happening? (this happens whenever I enable/disable USB keyboard support in BIOS)

    Motherboard: GA-790XTA-UD4

  • graudeejs February 2012

    Plugged in USB mouse and everything works

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