Colemak – Norwegian layout. Finding < and >
  • Jonta June 2011

    I have the 2030, and use Ubuntu 11.04. System layout set to Norwegian, so I can use æ, ø and å. I use Fn+F5 to switch to Colemak, but can't find the < and > on the keyboard. Ideas?

  • In English they should be in their default place on the qwerty keyboard, which are on the row above space on the right side of the keyboard 3rd and 4th key from the center column when using SHIFT. (Where the unshifted , and . are located)

    We'll do a little research regarding the Norwegian language layout and will post back.


  • The problem we're encountering here is that Colemak is a 101 key layout, but Norwegian is a 102 key layout. Unfortunately in Norwegian then less than < and greater than > are on the 102nd key, which we superimpose on the "play" key (2nd column from left, 2nd key from bottom) - but only in 102 and 106 key modes. Since Colemak is a 101 key layout, this doesn't happen for that mode.

    Unfortunately for that combination you'll likely have to use a key re-mapper and map some other un-needed keys to be the < and > for you.


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