Changing shuffle key
  • kai March 2012

    i am new user of the Typematrix 2030 - and so far i really like it.
    My problem is: I am using the keyboard with a new german layout called Neo2 and therefore i need the shuffle key remaped as ISO_Level5_Shift NoSymbol ISO_Level5_Shift in the ubuntu Xmodmap.
    But this key seems to work different and i cant find the keycode with xev.
    Any help?
    Sorry for my rudimentary english…

  • @kai

    In order to remap the shuffle key, you have to put the keyboard in what is called "106 key mode". To do this press Fn + F3. Several keys will get remapped including the shuffle key, so that it is now re-programmable.

    See the following link for details on the 6 keys that get remapped:

    They are:
    The "shuffle" key becomes the "hiragana" key (scan code 123/0x7B)
    The "desktop" key becomes the "kanji" key (scan code 121/0x79)
    The "www" key becomes the "katakana" key (scan code 112/0x70)
    The "calc" key becomes "international 4" (scan code 125/0x7D)
    The backslash key is moved to where the "mail" key used to be (scan code 43/0x2B)


  • kai March 2012

    Ah. Thank you verry much. Works perfect.

    Is there also a trick to remap the "Play

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