Colemak and recommendation on which keyboard/skin
  • cgo April 2012

    I am considering getting a typematrix keyboard. I am currently learning the Colemak layout, after many years of Qwerty/Qwertz.
    There are two options which I can imagine to work:
    1. Blank keyboard and a skin for qwerty (for the learning phase, I am still very slow in Colemak and it takes much of my concentration just to type right), and an additional Colemak skin, when they are available.
    2. Qwerty keyboard and a Colemak skin when they are available.

    I was wondering which option typematrix users would recommend to me.
    Is it any good to type on that silicone layer? I can't really imagine it feels as good as a "real" (hard plastic) keyboard,
    but I have never tried it.
    I am personally currently more inclined to the second option.

    Also, does anyone have some information on whether those colemak skins are going to be available any time soon?
    That theme seems to be going on for over a year, looking at the dates of posts in this forum.

    I would rather order my keyboard today than tomorrow, but I really would like a colemak skin and don't want to order again (and pay postage again...).

    Thanks for any advice,

  • cgo April 2012


  • @cgo:
    We'd recommend going with the second choice, getting a qwerty labeled keyboard and a black colemak skin. We are going to enable ordering those very shortly in anticipation of getting our delivery from the factory so you wouldn't have to wait long. The advantage would be that if you for some reason decide not to go with colemak, you still have a useful product. Also if friends or family need to use your computer they will likely not be familiar with colemak and it is useful to be able to quickly switch back to it.
    We'd also recommend using the keyboard in qwerty for a few days when you get it, to get used to the straight columns and other difference before taking on colemak as doing all of that at once may be too much.
    Best of luck,

  • cgo April 2012

    Thanks for the advice! That is most likely what I am going to do.
    In an email I was told that the Colemak skins would not be available before mid May -- is that still correct?

    Edit: sorry, just read your post in another thread. You had already answered that question.

  • void2258 June 2012

    I see Colemack and workman skins listed on the store now, but they are shown as out of stock. Is this preemptive listing (you added them in preparation for arrival) or have they already sold out?

  • cgo June 2012

    @TypeMatrix_admin: I'd also still be interested in the Colemak skins -- I'm already sort of familiar with the layout, but sometimes, especially when programming, a proper key labelling would be quite nice. Are they going to be available any time soon?
    Also, is there any chance you will be offering Colemak labelled keyboards, without using a skin?
    The skin is ok, I'm using it the whole day, but if I had the choice, I'd still prefer the "naked" keyboard.


  • As we've posted in the related thread, the new skins (including Colemak) arrived at our warehouse today. We will be emailing out an announcement and enable ordering very soon. (Yes they were placed in the order page in an "out of stock" state to get ready for this).

    We don't have any plans to offer Colemak labeled keyboards yet. It's all a matter of getting enough interest from users to justify the quite large investment to directly label a small batch of keyboards (small is relative, most factories are not interested in making batches of less than 5-10 thousand).

    We're also offering the free skin deal again with the purchase of a new keyboard (look for the email announcement for details), so you could consider getting a unlabeled keyboard with a Colemak skin and trying to use stickers on the keyboard directly.


  • void2258 June 2012

    Is there a way to lock the keyboard into an alternate mode, so you don't have to change it every time you boot up?

    Also is there an internal workman setup or do you have to use a key converter program?

  • @void2258:

    There is currently unfortunately no way to lock the keyboard in an alternate mode. It's something we're looking at implementing in the future.

    For the workman layout you will need a keyboard layout file. You can also use a key remapper although that's an unusual approach. If you google around a little, I'm sure you'll be able to find easy ways to implement it - there's a fairly active community. We'll look into providing a more direct link or even the file ourselves, but as you can probably understand it always requires a bit of legal review before we can officially recommend someone else's software or even link to it.


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