Gap between skin and keyboard make it unconfortable
  • dada009 April 2012

    Is there any way to make the skin more closer to the keyboard? I don't know like static electricity or other trick...because it is unconfortable, you can feel the gap between the skin and the keyboard when you press a key.To me the skin is just a tiny bit to large compared with the keyboard length.
    Maybe over time..
    Any ideas?

  • Hello,

    This is the first time we've ever heard that complaint. The new skins especially are a snug fit on the keyboard. Unfortunately the skin is made of silicone and coated specifically so that nothing sticks to it, so things like double-sided tape won't work because they won't adhere well to the skin. Please make sure there isn't an unintended air bubble stuck below the skin. The skins can get a little more malleable over time, but I'm not sure how to address your immediate concern. Can you confirm that you have the skin wrapped around all edges with the feet centered in the cut-outs on the bottom, and the USB cable fed through the hole provided for it?


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