A new typing tutor?
  • AzP July 2012

    When I started out using the EzReach 2030 I practiced an hour daily using the typing tutor that was linked to from the TypeMatrix page. I also used it when switching to Dvorak/Svorak (Swedish version) since it helped bridge the gap and focused on writing with the home row first, and then expanded from that.
    I thought it was a great help, but when I was about to recommend it to a friend (to whom I have loaned two 2030 to get him going) I just found this:

    Is it an old message, and development has kind of stopped, or is it still coming?

  • AzP July 2012

    Bump this one, since we got a little bit of a spam attack.

  • AzP September 2012


  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    Our apologies for missing this message for so long.

    The developer that made the original typing tutor for us has decided not to continue developing it, and the person that we hired to make a new one ended up leaving without completing the project, so yes unfortunately there is currently no active development on a new typing tutor.

    Some people are still using the older one, which works for practicing. If you're interested in giving that one a try, please send us an email to support@typematrix.com - for licencing reasons we can't post that one on the website anymore.

    Thanks, and apologies again for the tardy reply.

  • nishidake September 2012

    You may find http://keybr.com/ helpful. The on-screen layout reflects a regular staggered layout, but it's useful for practicing common word patterns and it supports Dvorak and Colemak in addition to Qwerty. It also tracks your stats over time so you can see how you're progressing.

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    Thanks for that link! We've added it as a suggestion on our old software download page.


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