TypeMatrix 2030 some keys do not work anymore
  • szuckerm August 2012


    I've been a happy TypeMatrix user for 2 years now. A few days ago, some of the keys stopped working (the row corresponding to "zxcvbnm" on a qwerty layout).

    While the key immediately to the left of "enter" still works, all the others don't. I tried to use compressed air to clean whatever could have snuck under the keys, but to no avail. Has anyone had the same experience? Is it fixable?


  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    unfortunately when this happens we may need to replace the keyboard. Please email us directly at support@typematrix.com and reference this forum post and we'll work something out for you. Thanks!


  • mavu September 2012


    I have the same problem. I suspect that the cleaning lady was a bit too liberal with the water when cleaning my desk at work. cursor down and fn are dead.
    Fortunately i have linux and VI and dont use the arrows anyway. but the dead fn key is sometimes annoying ( Vol +/-, Power, sleep. etc.)

    is there anything i can try to revive the keys?

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    Water damage is difficult for keyboards, but some user have look disassembling and carefully cleaning the keys and putting it back together.

    Here are some instructions for cleaning and disassembling the keys:

    Particularly, the sections on cleaning, sticky keys and reassembling keys.

    If that doesn't work send us an email at support@typematrix.com and we'll see what we can do for you.


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