Why isn't the 2030 bent?
  • rajn September 2012


    Why doesn't the 2030 have a "bent" design like other ergo keyboards where the hands point slightly inwards, and there is a wedge shaped bezel in between the two keypads? Does this make any difference?

    I wish your "Why 2030?" page explained this difference in addition to the grid alignment of the keys.

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    There are a couple of minor reasons, such as the center-enter and center-backspace separating the two sides slightly, so there being less need to angle them, and the cost of the keyboard going up quite a bit for that type of design. But most importantly we've found that the benefits of a small keyboard footprint significantly outweigh the benefits of a larger angled design. In today's world people constantly reach for the mouse, and cutting off even just a couple inches of that reach has enormous ergonomic benefits.

    We'll consider adding a paragraph addressing this to the website - thanks for the suggestion!

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