Wacom tablets
  • rajn September 2012


    Are there any known interferences between the 2030 keyboard and Wacom tablets (USB connected)?

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    While we've never done any specific testing against Wacom tablets, and we can't possibly test the keyboard against all the hardware manufacturers out there, we have never heard of anyone having issues with using them with our keyboards. In general different USB input devices shouldn't interfere with each other. The TypeMatrix 2030 uses the standard keyboard HID USB driver provided by most operating systems, so it should be no different than using any other standard USB keyboard that doesn't use a custom driver.

    Let us know how it works out!

  • ErikRuud October 2012

    I know it may not answer the question directly, but I have been using a first generation PS/2 2030 along with Wacom Bamboo tablets for several years now with no issues.

  • rajn October 2012

    Just letting you know that I have using been it with the Wacom tablet for about a week now with no issues so far.

  • @rajn:

    thanks for the update! We really appreciate this feedback.


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