Swedish and Colemak
  • henrixh October 2012

    I am currently learning Colemak, and also hopefully soon a TypeMatrix owner.
    However, as I type swedish, I need to use our åäö letters... Currently this is solved using AltGr+r/s/t. Is the hardware colemak in the typematrix capable of something similar? From what I understood, it does support svorak from hardware.

    Also, I guess that international orders are ok? What is the shippingtime over the ocean?

  • @henrixh:

    Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately the TypeMatrix 2030 does not support svorak from hardware. However, the AltGr combinations should still work in Colemak mode.

    We get international orders all the time so that shouldn't be a problem. Shipping internationally is generally 5 to 7 days. In some circumstances we can mail these from France and they arrive even quicker.

    Feel free to send us an email to support@typematrix.com to discuss any details about your order. Thanks!


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