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  • valeuf July 2011


    I got a problem with my 2030 USB Typematrix keyboard. I am using it intesively for 2 years and half, but today, the end and down arrow key are stucked.

    Checking the result in a program like XEV, I got that these keys are always pressed. (I have a long list of keycode 115 and 114...). Touching hese keys sometimes stops the feed ....But globally the keyboard is unusuable now ...

    I have extremely hard time to use another keyboard, so I hope you have some solution for me!

    Thank you

  • It sounds like you may need another keyboard. Please contact us directly at to get this resolved, if you haven't already done so.


  • haydent March 2012

    my 2030 just got a few keys stuck too, some of the arrows, the B key and F12 and maybe some others, i havn't tested them all.

    i think it is the plastic contact circuits under the keys as i take the keys off and clean and no difference.

    i thought if you had a key jammed it would either block other keys use or spam that key but not...

    it you hold a key and then plug it in, the computer acts as if its not held in and all other keys work still and there is not the key letter appearing until you let it go and press it again....

    but it does seem a bit of a coincidence that multiple stop working at once

    its a shame the keyboard circuitry is a sealed unit, i cant take it apart to clean between the film for example without breaking all the little plastic bits that are melted over to seal it up (this is once you have unscrewed and taken the case apart) ...

    its out of warranty but i emailed support awaiting reply.

    also my num lock key is so close to being always on as well that a just bush it and it activates, i dont even have to press it in at all !!

    great keyboard still. wonder what the build quality was like on the 2020 ...

  • Just to close out this discussion, we have resolved this issue through support email with haydent and provided a severely discounted replacement.


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