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  • Valky September 2010

    In the leaflet wich comes along with the TM2030 keyboard, it is referred to an on-line instruction manual. Mary Webber told me that they are still working on it… Any news about when it could come ?

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2010

    Oh you've really caught us now! We have been dreadfully negligent on getting that User Guide up on our website, and we apologize. I've just emailed our web group, and asked them to help us get going on it and get it up on the website. Look for it again soon, and hopefully we won't disappoint you!

  • Valky October 2010

    Still no news ?

  • TypeMatrix_admin December 2010

    *blush* We haven't forgotten about this yet. We'll make an effort to get this done after the holidays.

  • Barrelboy January 2011

    How about an early draft ...
    You may even get some good feedback?

  • It's a new year's resolution. Really.


  • TrueFalcon February 2011

    Is there any word yet on when this:


    will Not result in this:

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    The requested document was not found on this server.

    Web Server at


  • TypeMatrix_admin February 2011


    We just did the first work on getting this up with our webmaster today, expect this to come online in the next 2 or 3 weeks.


  • TrueFalcon March 2011

    February 6 + (3 * 7) = February 27.
    Today = March 04.


  • @TrueFalcon:

    We actually sat down, reviewed the old information, put it in digital format and made several rounds of revisions. All that is currently in the hands of our web designers who we had hoped to hear from by today.. but alas not quite yet (I think they read this forum!). We're getting really close though. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. =)


  • TrueFalcon March 2011


  • TrueFalcon March 2011

    Can I get a copy of the ``digital format`` that`s in the hands of your web designers? I`d like to read the thing before my new 2nd 2030 wears out.

  • @TrueFalcon: Here is a link to the PDF of the work in progress. Please don't hand this out or distribute it in any way - as it is changing frequently while we're working on it. The website mentioned in it is in an equally early state of flux which we hope to complete soon.


  • Valky April 2011

    Well, well… I received my 2030 keyboard on July 2010 and sent my very first email (the forum didn't exist) about on-line instruction manual in September 7th 2010. Seven months later, still nothing or almost ! The keyboard map is already included in the leaflet joined with the keyboard. Some details may have change, but… still no real instruction manual with technical details on how it works, how to setup a different mapping, how to handle special key combinations… Disapointing!
    By the way, seven months later, I switched back to a standard keyboard because I've never been able, with the TM2030, to type as quickly as I was typing on a standard keyboard.

  • @Valky:

    Sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you. We have been slow to get the user guide completed. We are actively working on it now, and the linked PDF is a starting point for it, so we needed to get it finished first. We've been focusing a lot of our time on improving the skins, and finding a new manufacturer. We've made some excellent progress on that front, and are excited about the upcoming release of them. We're now focusing more of our efforts on the userguide project for those users, like you, that want to know some of the intricate details of the keyboard to customize it even further. We'll post back here as progress is made on that front.


  • TrueFalcon June 2011

    ... ???

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