Programmable model
  • void2258 September 2011

    I have heard that you are going to be releasing a new, fully programmable model soon. Any word on that? It would certainly let everyone who has minor complaints about one or two key placements get things just to their liking.

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2011

    There's been another thread on this which you can see here:

    Unfortunately both the electronics expert and the hardware vendor we were working with on this are no longer interested in the project so this is on hold for the time being. We're having some other pressing issues to deal with (like the next batch of keyboards), that take priority over this. We haven't completely forgotten about it, but it's not likely to happen anytime soon.


  • silicium September 2012

    If your hardware team is no longer interested, maybe some hackers are... can you sell a barebones blank keyboard without electronics inside, just the switch matrix ? Maybe there is a flash memory version of the microcontroller instead of OTP or mask programmed. It is not too hard to find key matrix scanning routines and PS/2 emulation code for several microcontroller families. Then plug into a PS/2 to USB adapter if needed.

    As long as computers will keep retarded BIOS design with hardcoded US-ASCII default keymap, foreign users will need keymaps on their operating systems unless the keyboard can send the right scancodes in the first place. But it was too difficult for lazy keyboard making people, they found it cheaper to change only silkscreens on keys and produce a single hardware without localization, and left keymapping tasks to operating system people. I would love to avoid any manual keymap change. A programmable keyboard should be able to send several scancodes as needed for international characters.
    It could help to find ones own custom layout too: I would like to create an ambidextrous one-hand typing layout (to enter short strings, not type a whole book) as the other hand is often busy with the mouse or other hardware. I could learn the piano, and play a simple melody with either left or right hand, so why not do the same with text on a full customizable TypeMatrix?

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