(Mac + Bepo) Copy & Paste Keys
  • tissot October 2011


    I bought a TypeMatrix 2030 Bepo for my Macintosh, and I installed the keyboard layouts from http://bepo.fr, but I was badly suprised to notice that Copy & Paste keys (I am talking about the Fn keys) do not work. On the sheet that came with the keyboard, I found written in small letters:

    "Fn + Cut, Copy, Paste shortcuts work in Windows & Linux only"

    This is a huge, huge disappointment. Is there some way to make the Copy & Paste keys work on Mac OS X?

  • tissot October 2011

    Well, I found the solution. Install "KeyRemap4MacBook". Under the "Change key" tab, check "Use PC Style Copy/Paste #3bis (for b├ępo / french dvorak) on TypeMatrix 2030 kbd". Under the "MenuBar" tab, uncheck "Show icon in menu bar". That's it!

    This "KeyRemap4MacBook" utility offers many tweaks specific to the TypeMatrix keyboard. I am impressed!

  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2011

    Thanks for posting that solution @tissot.


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