Keyboard Layouts for Windows (all versions)
  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2011

    We've recently come across the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, and are so excited about it that we wanted to mention it here. It's a Microsoft program available at:

    It lets you create Hardware Keyboard profiles, and thereby lets you essentially reprogram the keyboard any way you'd like, including the ability, for example, to use the underutilized Alt-Gr layer for pretty much anything you'd want. We've recently successfully used it to create a UK Dvorak keyboard map (something Windows is inexplicably missing) for the upcoming UK Dvorak skin.

    So if you're excited about remapping the TypeMatrix, switch to 102 or 106 key mode (for the most flexibility) and download this program and have some fun. After creating your new layout, select Project -> Build DLL and it will even create an installation package that you can share with others. Run the included setup.exe file to add the new profile to your system, which you can then select via the Control Panel.

    A couple notes of caution: while this can easily be used to add new Keyboard Hardware profiles, we haven't figured out a way to remove them once they are added to the system. This isn't really a problem, but keep it in mind when naming your creations - maybe include a version number at the end. Also, the software does a lot of checking on things in the background and sometime runs slow or seems to freeze. Just give it a couple of minutes, we've never actually had it crash on us, it just takes time.

    Please let us know what cool things you were able to do with this!

  • UnforgivenUnforgiven November 2011

    I have used this to make a Norwegian Dvorak layout based on the Swedish Dvorak skin, where the placement of å æ ø amongst others differ.

    If one choose to build installer package (.msi), You will get the option to uninstall it as any other program/feature in Windows.

  • Ah of course. Good to know. Thanks for the update.


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