Browser key in linux (ubuntu)
  • zubinmadon November 2011

    Hi, I can't seem to get my browser key to work in linux, I'm running Ubuntu with Gnome. Nothing happens when I hit the key.

    I have the email key working fine (it actually opens a browser into gmail compose message), but the browser key doesn't seem to be hooked up to anything. Anyone set this up?

  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2011

    Have you configured a default browser on your system? To check go to System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications -> Web Browser Tab. Also, if "Open link in new tab" is checked, the key may just open a new tab as opposed to a new window, which may not give the window focus (ie. bring it to the front). Try un-checking it and see if it behaves as desired.

    Also make sure you don't have some unusual key mapping defined for multimedia keys (xmodmap). Check out
    for some guidance. Best of luck,


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