my fn + cut button is now deleting files ??
  • haydent September 2010

    im running windows 7 64 bit and it has been working fine. maybe an update orsomething ? im not sure. anybody else ??

  • Keldor September 2010

    Uh... fn + cut should "delete" any file you have selected, since you can copy/cut/paste files the same as you would with text, unless I'm completely misinterpreting you?

  • haydent September 2010

    yeah you are sorry. as soon as i press it it deletes it rather than after you paste. (move)

  • Geob September 2010

    Fn+Cut send "Shift+del" which delete files

  • haydent September 2010

    not entirely but pretty much. its actually fn + play which = 'cut' (in blue)

    another difference is that it prompts for delete yes/no but i have that disabled in windows, and if i do shift+del or just del it delete file straight away no prompt.

    this is annoying ive allready deleted files by accident i cant get back trying to cut , paste them

  • Geob September 2010

    What I mean is when you hit Fn+Cut, the keyboard send to windows "Shift+Del"

  • haydent September 2010

    what i mean is that is not quite correct. as if i press fn+cut i get a warning about whether i want to delete (normally disabled).

    when i press del or del+shift it just deletes the file, no prompt.

    so the signal must be different, or interpreted different

  • haydent September 2010

    i checked in my xp os (i dual boot) and get same thing. maybe its keyboard or computer next thing to check different computer

  • We just tested this on our newest keyboards on Windows 7 and cut and paste work exactly as they should here (no different than selecting cut and paste from the context menu).

    We're looking into the behavior on older models, and what the actual key-codes are that the keyboard sends.

  • @haydent: "Shift+Del" is more or less the official alternative to "Ctrl+X". The reason we use the alternate codes is because they are implemented more universally. For example "Ctrl+C" which is copy on Windows, means "Abort Program" on Linux. But the alternate codes work fine there.

    I see you posted "Del+Shift" above. That won't work - the order is important. If you try it, hit shift first, then Del, otherwise the Del will already start the delete action (instead of the Cut action).

    Our cut button does indeed send the "Shift+Del" command.

    For the record, here is how cut, copy and paste are implemented on TypeMatrix keyboards:
    Cut: Shift + Del
    Copy: Ctrl + Ins
    Paste: Shift + Ins

    The silly thing is, the USB standard actually has HID usage codes specifically designed to send the computer Cut, Copy and Paste commands. However almost no Operating System has properly implemented them to date - so they just don't work right most of the time. Therefore we stuck with the old method that seems to work much more frequently.

  • AzP October 2010

    Sadly it does not work in Windows XP either. Shift + Del mean to "Delete and bypass trash bin/recycle bin" on Windows XP,which seems kind of dangerous. I think it is the same in Gnome.

  • Keul October 2010

    It's maybe possible to bypass this with autohotkey (, I use it with my wireless and I know that it can intercept keystrokes before it get catch by the OS.
    But take care, if you redirect shift+del to CTRL+C to make it work on bépo, you won't be able to delete file directly (or maybe by using RIGHT shift)

    I think the best is that Typematrix include a re-mappable keyboard chip with a reset button.

    Advantage :
    - few hardware modifications for typematrix.
    - compatible out of the box.
    - highly customizable (invert fn/ctrl/shift keys, control led state, control shortcuts/media buttons...)
    - reset button reinitialize layout in case of problem (reselling keyboard/computer problem, bug...)
    - a linux/win/osx remapping software developed by open-source community (in case of bugs in firmware, reset button re-initialize default layout) that doesn't cost development money.
    - crazy things : dynamic re-mappable buttons : switch mapping with user session, in-game, in specific software, custom remaps with Fn+F1,F2..., ...

  • qwasty October 2010

    I wrote about a similar problem that caused me to stick with my old version of the TypeMatrix keyboard. My old version is the same model number though, so I'm not sure how it's distinguishable from the new ones. I wish TypeMatrix were still making the version I have. Here's what I wrote:

    "Since I navigate back and forth through text the quick way by using the ctrl key with either the left or right arrow keys, one whole word at a time, I'm running into a much more serious problem. If I miss the ctrl key and hit the fn key instead, the left arrow will work like the insert key, and the right arrow will work like the delete key. The insert function causes me to overwrite text as I type, and the delete function obviously deletes my text.

    These problems are so serious that I cannot edit text at full speed without the risk of accidentally ruining my work without realizing it. Worse still is that these alternative insert and delete functions are not labeled on the keyboard or the skins."

  • byohe06 November 2010

    As for me the fn + cut does delete files, but for cutting and pasting plain text it works fine.

  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2010

    Hey everyone,
    as has been stated, there is unfortunately little we can do about the sequence the keyboard sends on existing models (it's hardcoded into the chip in the keyboard). Unfortunately different OSes, and sometimes even different versions of the same OS have decided to interpret these key combinations differently. A programmable keyboard is in the works, but it will still be some time before it is production-ready.
    One option is to avoid using the Fn combinations for those users that have trouble with them (we understand that isn't an ideal solution). One recommendation we've made for users that mistakenly hit the wrong key is to glue a very small piece of velcro to the keycap, which with a little training makes it very rare to mis-type a combination. (Again, also not an ideal solution, but we're trying to find workable ideas)
    The other option is to find some software that can intercept these shortcuts and translate them as desired. Since we have little experience with this we can't recommend any particular software however.

  • Tommy_Gun February 2011

    As Keul mentioned, you can use autohotkey to remap keys. Rather than remapping shift-del, I just made a different key CTRL-C, so it doesn't affect anything else. I wrote up a tutorial for this and other changes you might be interested in here:

  • haydent March 2012

    thankyou all glad to know im not alone. remapping sound like the go for now. though im back here now as one some of my keys have stopped working. i think they are jammed on...

  • haydent March 2012

    the funny thing is this problem never used to happen...

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