Keyboard ghosting
  • laire November 2010

    Where 3 or more keys are simultaneously depressed, will the 2030 recognise the input of all 3 keys?

    For example:
    Depressing A, W & C together or while holding CTRL then depressing A and W keys together, will all 3 keys be registered as input to a PC?

  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2010

    @laire: The majority of 3-key combinations will work fine (in many cases even 4-key combinations), however there are some limitations/situations where no keys are registered after 2 keys are already depressed. The examples you mentioned will work, but for example ` (apostophe) + 1 + 2 will not (the 2 would not be registered). Sequences with Ctrl can actually go up to 5 key combinations with most letters if you count the Ctrl key as the 1st one, for example we just tested Ctrl + q + w + e + r and it correctly sent all the key-press/release messages to the OS. We're happy to test any specific combinations you may need, but we can't guarantee that *every* 3 key combination will work. I can say that we've never had a complaint about 3-key combinations as far as I can recall.

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