number pad in ubuntu
  • chrusch November 2010

    I'm working in Ubuntu 10.04 with a brand new TMx 2030 USB. I cannot access the number pad. Pressing a function key and one of the number keys does nothing or something random. I did configure the keyboard under Keyboard Preferences, and this model is listed as TypeMatrix EZ-Reach 2030 USB. I had the same problem with my old. TypeMatrix EZR 2030. How can I get the numeric keypad to work?

  • yeoj November 2010

    Same problem here on windows xp... not sure what its all about (this is my second type matrix keyboard, and my first one works fine at work attached to my laptop.)

  • TypeMatrix_admin December 2010

    Hello, could both of you please verify that your computer is configured to boot up with NumLock on? This is usually a BIOS feature.

    The TypeMatrix actually implements NumLock internally, so it depends on the computer thinking it is on (which used to be the default, but computer manufacturers vary on this now).

    In fact, a simple way to test if this will fix your issue is to hold function and tap the N.Lock button once (this will actually send a numlock change signal to the computer as opposed to just changing the commands the keyboard sends to the computer). The NumLock button is in the top right corner.

    Please post back and let us know if this fixes your troubles. Thanks!

  • yeoj December 2010

    ^^ This exactly fixed my issue. Thanks for your help!

    Additional info:

    This is entirely OS independent.
    Doesn't matter if you are using qwerty or dvorak

    my computer at work (a dell) is where the number pad worked

    My computer at home (Shuttle small form factor) is where the number pad did not work. (In both WinXP and Gentoo linux.)

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