Physical key maintenance
  • I received my TypeMatrix a few days ago, and am enjoying the experience (if not the process of getting used to the layout). I do have one key, the "N" key, which works but required substantially more force to press than any of the others. The result of which is that I miss over half of my presses on that key when I'm touch typing.

    Is there a method for pulling the key off, ensuring it is seated correctly and/or removing any debris, and replacing it? I don't want to just go it without direction for fear of damaging it further and/or voiding my warranty.

    Best Regards,
    Carey in Charlotte, NC

  • @Anarchist_Quaker: Hello Carey, thanks for contacting us.

    We have some general cleaning and disassembly/reassembly instructions on our older "Tips for Users" page found at . The mechanism that ties the keys to the board is fairly robust, so don't be overly worried. If you need extra parts, like a replacement key or the scissors mechanism or the rubber dome, please email us at, referencing this discussion and we'll get them mailed out to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks for hanging in there while we get this key issue sorted out.

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