Norwegian skin
  • Olsenius March 2011


    Are there any plans to make a Norwegian QWERTY skin?

  • @Olsenius:

    While we currently were not planning on a Norwegian layout, we'd certainly be happy to consider it if there was sufficient demand. Are you aware of a specific group of users or typists that would be interested in pre-ordering? Our tipping point for making a batch of skins is usually around 100 orders. If that much demand can be generated, we'll be happy to make any layout desired.


  • Olsenius March 2011

    I dont know of others that would want a Norwegian keyboard layout i'm afraid.

    Do you have any information about if/when the Black Universal 102 skin will be restocked?

  • @Olsenius:

    We may still have a handful of black 101 skins in stock, please email us directly if you want to see about getting one of the last ones we have before a new shipment comes in at:

    We don't have a firm date for the new skin shipment yet unfortunately.


  • StigsterStigster May 2011

    I would be very happy to get a Norwegian skin. Both QWERTY and DVORAK.

  • mogh345 May 2011

    You could pull off a Nordic layout, like on the Steelseries 6G v2 or on Asus' EEE PC.

    Basically you print labels mainly according to the Swedish-Finnish layout, since that's the biggest market. Then you print in alternate colours wherever the Danish and Norwegian layouts differ. This is on four-five keys total.

  • @Olsenius:
    All skins are back in stock as of now, including the Black Universal 102.

    That's a very interesting approach. Are you a native speaker/user of those layouts? We will certainly look into this more, but we need someone local to those layouts that can help us point out the exact details and variations that need to be incorporated. We'll take a look at the products you mentioned, however if you're interested in helping us to get moving on this, or know someone who would be willing, please email us directly at


  • mogh345 October 2011

    Well, this is how the keyboard on my Swedish 1005HA looks. I'm fairly sure it incorporates all differences between the layouts. (alternate link in-case imgur dies)

    Excuse the filthy state of my keyboard.

    The green labelling is supposed to represent the Norwegian layout, the red the Danish. The keys to look at are Ö, Ä, the one next to 1, the one next to Shift and the one next to Backspace. So five keys in total.

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