2030 USB on mac, function key does nothing?
  • yeoj March 2011


    I have two USB 2030 keyboards. I find that i prefer to not type on anything other these days.

    My question is as follows:

    On my mac running osx 10.6 the function key seems to do nothing... i really don't care about the copy/paste functionality, but i desperately need the ability to hit "function+delete" in order to send the insert signal...

    Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on how to remedy it?



  • yeoj March 2011

    Seems i answered my own question... it looks like the function key in osx only manipulates the top row F1-F12/etc.

    (There really is no such thing as a scroll lock or insert key in osx...)

    Interesting thread here that helped:


  • @yeoj Thanks for sharing that thread - helpful information.


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