TypeMatrix 2030 not working after Windows7 (x64) restart
  • Steve March 2011

    My 2 week old type matrix has become an unidentified USB device after a recent system restart. The problem seems like it might be connected to the windows update that preceeded the restart but I could be wrong.

    Looking around on the site, and on the web, I can't find any downloadable drivers for this device but I'm pretty sure it must need some.

    Anyone have any ideas what might be going on or is it fried?

  • TrueFalcon March 2011

    My 2 month old 2030 runs fine on Win 7 using a microsoft driver version 6.1.7601.17514. Nothing special for installation; I just plugged it in and it worked. I have also installed all updates and they had no effect on the keyboard.

  • @Steve: The TypeMatrix 2030 uses the standard HID USB drivers supplied with every version of windows - so no drivers are available for download.

    The only suggestion I have is to try to disconnect the keyboard, remove any unknown devices and old versions of the keyboard from your device manager, reboot, and plug it back in (after the system is already booted).

    If you continue having trouble, please email us directly at support@typematrix.com.


  • My two year old 2030 Matrix quit typing without warning. My other 2030 types v for b and n for m. I'm not sure why this happened and both keyboards quit/malfunctioned simultaneously. My older 2020 works just fine and I love it too, but would like to make use of all, please help.

  • @lisagarrison:
    We've responded to you in the other thread you started, but it sounds like you're in the wrong mode. Please review the other thread or email us at support@typematrix.com. Thanks.


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