Massive Spam Infestation
  • void2258 December 2011

    There is a massive wave of advertisement spam that has taken over the forums several pages deep. Please fix.

  • TypeMatrix_admin December 2011

    Our apologies; we appear to have somehow gotten the focus of some spammers recently. We've had to add a Captcha to our contact form and spam filters to the forums. We'll keep monitoring things to see what else we need to do.

    If you have contacted us via the contact form in the last few days, or signed up for a forum account in the last couple of days it is possible that we didn't get your message/account or have inadvertently deleted it while trying to get this problem under control. Please send any communications again.


  • We've had another wave of spammers hit us over the last few days. We've done our best to clean things up. Because of the large volume of spam we took a very aggressive action to delete anything even remotely appearing as spam. If we have inadvertently deleted some valid content, we apologize, but we felt it necessary to err on the side of a cleaner forum.


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