Researching for new keyboard & mouse for Mac
  • lhwing03 April 2011

    I'm researching specs and customer reviews of keyboards for my iMac. My first choice, after seeing the PC-version in action is the Logitech DiNovo Edge Rechargeable Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac. Unfortunately it doesn't have a dedicated 10-key which I need. So I need to find a good 10-key that's compatible with this keyboard. A mouse too. I've stayed away from all cordless devices after experiencing crappy battery life; hence the above keyboard. Please offer recommendations and reasons for your choices. The whole set will be a b-day present for my husband who has zero tolerance for computer products that make you jump through hoops.

    Thank you!

  • Unfortunately for various reasons we can't go down the road of recommending other companies' products, but if you ask around in other forums, I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful advice.

    Best of luck,

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