Better handling of Spam and bots
  • AzP January 2012

    Is there any chance that the forum will be better moderated, and perhaps better anti-spam functionality enabled? Perhaps enable some functionality where "ordinary" users can mark posts as spam, so they get hidden from everybody. I wouldn't mind cleaning up the forum for free, it would take a couple of minutes.

    It's unusable now.

  • Hello, and thanks for the offer. We've made you a moderator/administrator, but we'll also make an effort to check in daily again. Thanks for helping us through this. We're still working on implementing some better spam controls as well.


  • AzP January 2012

    Isn't it possible to use Captcha?

    Edit: I just read in another thread that you have done this now. I think that's a good idea =)

  • We've started using them on the contact form on our website, it's a little more difficult to properly use them in the context of this forum software that we didn't write ourselves, but we're looking into doing the same here.


  • OK I think we've got re-captcha properly working for signup now. Let's hope this gets things under control.


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