Skins slide off
  • Rochelle13x April 2011

    I've searched these discussions, and it seems I may be the only person having issues. I have two 2030s with skins. My skins do not stay on nicely. The upper left corner slips off on both keyboards. I am constantly pushing it back into place. It seems as if it just needs a little stretch, but of course the skin slips back to its original size. Any suggestions out there?

  • biggeek72 April 2011

    Did you thread the cable through the hole in the skin?

  • No, I didn't see there was a way to do that

  • StigsterStigster May 2011

    I have almost the same problem. I have threaded the cable through the hole, but sine the skin doesn't go around the bottom of the keyboard it bulges and almost slides off. Primarily in the middle below the space bar. Since I am training to learn dvorak (bought the dvorak keyboard with a qwerty skin), and because I have a somewhat "keyboard-unfriendly environment" with cats and coffee mugs, the skin is great to make sure my keyboard investment lasts longer. But I am afraid the skin is going to wear out in a fairly short time.

  • Good to know I'm not alone!! I put a rubber band around the left side of the keyboard, that seems to help, but looks quite redneck! lol ... but it does work. I do have the cable through the hole, but couldn't "thread" it because there is no way to disconnect the cable from the keyboard. I did slit the bottom of the hole, couldn't find any other way to make that hole useful. Can't string the USB cable through the hole ...

  • dtougas May 2011

    I have the same problem, it is rather annoying. I threaded the cable through the hole but I still have the problem with the skin bulging up and sliding off around the spacebar. It is as if the skin were slightly too small for the keyboard.

  • dheppell May 2011

    Indeed I'm having the same issue with my keyboard skin, similar to Stigster the skin is not very tight to the keyboard towards the center and can be a hinderence when your thumbs are resting in this area.

    In my opinion a skin that would wrap around under the keyboard would be a better fit, and possibly a larger pre cut hole to fit the cable through to ease the risk of ripping far enough up the skin to make it useless. In fact pre cutting the hole into the skin would also be a nice comfort as it was a bit annoying recieving the skin only to find there was no actual hole over where the cable would run

  • KeithB July 2011

    I had the sliding skin on my newer clear cover. The rubberband trick on one end worked fairly well. What I ended up doing, after some experimenting on an retired ancient 2030, was installing 4 small machine screws, 2 on top and 3 on bottom through the skin into the case. This has worked very well and looks nice, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart!

  • AzP August 2011

    I am experiencing the same, but I'm hoping the skin will adapt a bit better to they keyboard after a while. It has gotten better, but every-now-and-then I still have to push it back. Drives my gf crazy to have to do it =)

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2011

    Hey all,
    We acknowledge that the first version of the skin wasn't perfect. We've taken your suggestions into consideration and redesigned the skins so they now wrap around underneath the keyboard and stay in place much better. We've also made the hole for the USB cable a little bigger, reinforced and pre-cut.
    For those of you having issues with the old skin that have posted here, we'd like to offer you one or more of the newer skins at half off. Please email us at, referencing this thread to take advantage of this offer.

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.


  • UnforgivenUnforgiven September 2011

    Hmmm, I used a long white rubberband around the edge to hold it taught.

    Though I have ordered a 2nd keyboard with the new skins, I might try to glue the skin to the edge for a more permanent protective seal.

    (Should have seen the above post before I ordered, oh well...)

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2011


    Maybe we can just mail you a new skin for your old keyboard? Please email us at to sort things out. Thanks!


  • kamykaze March 2012

    Not to revive an old thread, but I thought this deserved a follow up for any future users.

    The new skins (end of 2011/early 2012?) no longer have this issue. They fit snuggly and don't slip off like the old ones. The new skins (assuming they're all similar) wrap around the bottom of the keyboard around an inch or so, making it impossible for the skin to slip off.

    In addition, the USB cable hole issue has also been fixed. You no longer have to cut the skin for the hole to be useful. The hole is precut and can be stretched enough for you to thread the cable through.

    All that being said, I only have a clear English skin from the old batch and an all black blank skin from the new batch to make the comparison. To me, it feels like the new skin is a tad thicker than the old one (although I imagine that could just be the difference between the clear and black skins).

    I wish I had a clear blank skin from the new batch to make a more objective comparison, but overall, I really like the new skins.


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