Way to lock Mac mode?
  • I'm a new TypeMatrix user. So far, it's been quite fun, although a bit of an adjustment. After about a week and a half, my speed and accuracy is finally starting to get back to normal (47wpm before TM / 24wpm first staring TM / 35wpm currently).

    As I am a Mac user and a MacBook Pro user, my keyboard frequently gets disconnected. By doing this, each time I reconnect I have to re-apply the Mac mode. This can be frustrating, especially when I forget and can't figure out why my keyboard commands aren't working. Is there a way to get the layout mode to stick in between disconnections?

    Also, all the media keys work in mac mode, except the Play/Pause button. If I switch back to normal layout, the play/pause works, but in Mac mode, it prints the publisher mark ยง. Any way to chage/fix/map the keys? Can we program the modes of our TypeMatrix?

  • I just figured out the other day, the "menu"? (the key just left of play/pasue) button works as Play/Pause. So it seems in the Mac Layout this button is off by one key here.

    The cut copy paste keys still don't work.

  • As far as cut, copy and paste are concerned, these unfortunately don't work on Macs (but that is because of how OS X implements these features). If you look through these forums, this topic has been discussed in detail and there are some work-arounds that involve remapping keys on the keyboard:

    As for the other keys you must mean the key to the *right* of play pause (which is menu/application key) becomes play/pause. Since the menu/app key is less useful than play/pause it is indeed moved over by one key (to the right) in mac mode.


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