Activate 106 keys mode on startup
  • Geob September 2010

    Is there anyway to activate the 106 mode on computer startup? On Windows and Linux.

  • Valky September 2010

    You mean 102 mode ?

    I'm interested too in this !

  • Geob September 2010

    Fn+F3 switch to 106 mode

  • Valky September 2010

    Uhuu ! Interesting ! I don't have this written on my BÉPO skin (I'm French, using BÉPO layout). Would you, Geob, have details on what new keys this 106 mode brings ?

  • haydent September 2010

    i would like to know if its possible to activate dvorak layout on startup.

  • Keldor September 2010

    I would like this too - it's rather annoying to have to switch modes each time I turn the computer on, and I often forget, which results in ;koalud kdbkeee

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2010

    The 106 key is actually designed to switch the keyboard to the Japanese language. They have 5 more keys than the standard US keyboard (101), and 4 more than the standard European keyboard (102). When the 106 key mode is selected, along with the Japanese language, the layout is displayed beautifully on the TypeMatrix. Unfortunately, we don't know of anyone using this at this time, or interested in using it, but it will work great! We have quite a number of Japanese customers, but we think that they work mainly in English, and have not discovered, or are not interested in, the 106 layout. This is a whole other level of programming, so some of you may find ways to use it other than the intended way described above, especially because some of the scancodes are unique in this level, ie mail and the internet keys. As for booting up in Dvorak or 102 or 106, the new programmable versions will be able to set this for you. We have some keyboards that we are using now that have been programmed to use for some promotions we are trying to make, and it is wonderful to have the keyboard boot up in Dvorak -- we totally understand that, and we are working right now on providing a programmable verison of the 2030 USB.

  • haydent September 2010

    sounds great, but no love for those that allready have one....

  • Geob September 2010

    I use 106 mode in order to remap the "desktop" and "swich app" keys.

    Without it, these keys send Alt+D and Alt+Tab :(

  • @Geob It's actually "Windows + D", but I'm sure that's what you meant.

  • Geob October 2010

    yes :)

    so no hope to have the 106 mode activate at boot :(

  • yeoj November 2010

    Kind of interesting... but if you use the windows 'dvorak layout' and not the dvorak implementation actually on the chip inside the typematrix the desktop key pushes "Win + E" and opens file explorer.

    The only reason i use the windows dvorak over the typematrix one (on this laptop/docking station) is because i'm always undocking and running to meetings with my laptop.... and therefore not having my typematrix with me.

    (I have another 2030 at home for my desktop, i use on-keyboard dvorak for that one)

    Great product though, saved me a lot of pain. (You guys should make a mouse?)

  • TypeMatrix_admin December 2010

    @Geob: unfortunately not until we get the programmable keyboards production ready.. sorry.

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