Unable to get Alt-Ins to work correctly
  • Olsenius February 2012


    I'm using the TypeMatrix (102) with the Norwegian keyboard and layout in Windows 7.
    When i try to use the shortcut Alt-Ins (Fn-Alt-Del) the expected behavior does not happen in the program I'm using (Resharper).

    Are there any way to make the selected shortcut work? Currently i have two keyboards attached, and the shortcut Alt-Ins works as expected on the other keyboard.


  • TypeMatrix_admin February 2012


    Try the shortcut for the combination as ALT + FN + DEL instead of hitting FN first. That may do the trick. Please let us know.


  • Olsenius March 2012

    That did not work for me.
    ALT - FN - DEL is equal to pressing ALT - DEL on my other connected keyboard.


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