AutoHotKey Mappings for the MALTRON Layout
  • Batchout February 2012

    ; TypeMatrix Maltron Key-Map Remap by David Cole (@batchout)
    ; paste this into an AutoHotKey.ahk file

    #SingleInstance force ; Do Not Double-Run

    ;=> Quit Key ___

    ;=> TypeMatrix Keys when Fn+F3 is toggled on (& dvorak LED lights up)

    Media_Play_Pause::Send bottom left key

    ;=> 106 key mode ;edit the desired keystrokes here below

    SC07B::Send left of space bar
    SC079::Send right of spacebar
    SC07D::Send one
    SC02B::Send two
    CapsLock::Send three
    SC070::Send four

    ;=> 103 key mode

    Launch_App2::Send Launch_App2
    Launch_Mail::Send Launch_Mail
    ; CapsLock same as above
    Browser_Home::Send Browser_Home

    ;=> MALTRON Key Layout

    ;________ q stays put!
    ;________ a stays put!
    $*z::`; ; semicolon
    $*x::' ; quote

    ;________ period stays put!

    ;=> Fix Win-D (show desktop)
    #i::Send #d ; show desktop

    ; +shift ^control #win !alt *anymodifier ~passthru $hook
    ; learn AutoHotKey FREE at

  • KeithB February 2012

    Thank you for posting this. I finally figured out the 106 key mode with this info, and have set up my (non-maltron) setup this way:

    #SingleInstance force ; Do Not Double-Run

    #q::ExitApp ;=> Quit key (Windows key + q) to get out of this script

    ;=> TypeMatrix Keys when Fn+F3 is toggled on (& dvorak LED lights up)

    SC07B::Send ^c ; shuffle key becomes "copy"
    SC079::Send ^v ; desktop key becomes "paste"
    SC07D::Send {PrintScreen} ; calculator key becomes printscreen
    SC02B::Send {AppsKey} ; the mail key becomes a second context menu key
    SC070::Send {Insert} ; www becomes insert
    SC073::Send \ ; move \ back to where it's at under 102/103 mode

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