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  • I've been looking for a new keyboard (for gaming) and the TypeMatrix almost fit my criteria with it's straight columns and easy to reach F keys, However, there's still quite a few things missing like a Numberpad and 6 key being forced onto right hand (this is potentially huge). What I'm wondering is when was the 2030 released? And is it too early to anticipate the successor? I really wouldn't want to buy the 2030 as is right now (yeah, i'm picky) but want to know if the 2040 is WAY off or not.

    I still can't believe the left hand is is made so unelegant in the standard keyboard. The hand naturally curves in a northeast direction yet keyboards want it to go northwest. That one thing is so noticable to me that it actually interferes with gaming (mostly with the number keys) - I just end up concentrating too much on physically doing rather than playing, hence why I'm looking into alternate keyboards.

  • kesmikcuz July 2012

    I used to have issues with keyboard gaming, too until I bought my TypeMatrix 2030. I haven't been on the forums in a few months, but iirc, the next keyboard was going to basically be a programmable variant of the current 2030, but development was halted due to some change upstream. As far as the 6 key goes, can you perhaps bind delete or backspace to what 6 was to be bound to? I highly doubt that TypeMatrix will ever feature a 6 key on the left hand since actual typing ergonomics are better with it on the right (even if it requires you to rebind certain specific commands for games, I hardly see this as a drawback in its overall design). As far as your number-pad problem goes, my dad owns a cheap USB external number keypad with a matrix-grid layout that I assume would be perfect for your gaming needs. The only "drawback" here is that you'll be using a second USB port when you play your number-pad-philic games. My personal, not unbiased suggestion to you is to buy the TypeMatrix 2030, an external number pad, and then rebind your old 6 key command to backspace.

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2012


    Thanks for your helpful reply!


    There are no concrete hardware designs in the pipe that are close enough to wait for. The only hardware project that is being thought about currently is a highly portable Bluetooth version of the keyboard - but even if that comes to fruition it would likely be years.

    It's unlikely that we'll make any major changes to the position of the 6 in the number row (I know you said number pad, but I'm nearly certain you meant number row). The TypeMatrix does have a built-in number pad using either the function key or the numlock key - although the keys are super-imposed on letters so that may not work perfectly for you. Take a look:

    If anything develops on the hardware front we'll certainly announce it.

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