A Shocking Keyboard
  • I purchased two different keyboard and got one of them replaced under warranty within the first 12 months. I have had a total of 3 different 2030 keyboards and 2 of the 3 have stopped working after sitting down at the keyboard and getting a static shock from walking on carpet and touching one of the two metal plates on the keyboard. Has anyone else had any similar issues? It seems like this may be a design flaw that needs to get looked at. I do not drag my feet when I walk and I do not intentionally try to get shocked, but it still happened once every few days. I used a Dvorak keyboard and each time I got shocked the Dvorak indicator light would go off after getting shocked. Just a thought but you may want to remove the metal plates from the next version of the keyboard.

  • That's the first we've ever heard of this particular issue. All electronic devices are extremely sensitive to electric shocks. The brushed aluminum cover plates are isolated and not connected to any electronics, so you must be shocking things hard enough for the spark to make it through the adhesive and plastic support and so on. I strongly recommend you find a way to have a ground at your workstation that you can touch before you touch either your mouse, laptop, monitor or keyboard. By the way most of the time it's the shoes that make the difference between picking up static from carpet or not.


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