Possibility of large key version of TypeMatrix 2030?
  • acton July 2011

    As someone with large hands I have been looking for large key keyboards. It appears the only ones that exist achieve this by eliminating some keys.

    Has any consideration been given to the possibility of using the TypeMatrix 2030's efficient design not to shrink the keyboard size, but to increase the size of the keys in a conventionally sized keyboard? This could be a unique advantage, aimed at people with large hands, or with physical disabilities such as shaky hands or poor vision.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, but at this time our current design is the one that we are focusing on. It is really expensive to come up with a new design, and we are not in a position to do that at this time.

    One possibility may be to take a look at our older 2020 model, which has very large center keys and some added separation of hands (however the letter keys are likely a very similar size).


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