Norwegian dvorak
  • UnforgivenUnforgiven August 2011

    Hi all!
    When changing to dvorak (fn+F1) I cannot find the å key, the ø and æ are where they should be. Anyone know where the å is hiding?

    I have also made a keyboard layout for W7 that places the æ, ø and å to where the respective Swedish vowels on the svorak skin.

    But it would be handy to replace the resident dvorak layout (fn+F1) with the modified svorak one.

    B.T.W.: I have had my Typematrix for two days now and not missing my old Razer Lycosa one bit, well maybe the backlit keys on the razer ;-)

  • AzP August 2011

    I don't think you can replace the dvorak layout like that. I'm using the svorak layout, but have to use software in windows to switch the layout (I'm using a program called Svorak Remapping).

    If I switch to dvorak using fn+F1, I get some strange version of it which places the ä where å should be, and q where . should be.

  • UnforgivenUnforgiven August 2011

    Yes using fn+F1 enables the Norwegian dvorak, but the å should have been in the lower left corner of the left matix.
    If only one could replace the native W7 Norwegian qwerty/dvorak with the Norwegian svorak a1 mod.

  • UnforgivenUnforgiven August 2011

    Found the letter å in the upper right corner of the right martix when in dvorak.

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