blank keys and stikers
  • Naugrim September 2010


    I have read about the future programable keyboard.

    My question is, in this case will it be possible to buy it with blank keys.
    And buy the letter stikers appart, to stick them where we program the corresponding keycodes ?

  • TypeMatrix_admin September 2010

    We are still working on having some programmable versions of the 2030 USB available, hopefully, soon. And yes, they will be blank keyboards, and we are looking into some kinds of stickers to use with the keyboard. A clear skin over the keyboard with stickers to indicate your specific custom layout should be quite nice, maintaining not only the stickers, but also keeping the keyboard protected.

  • KeithB September 2010

    Will the same physical keys be used on the new model? From my old 2030, I took the red "Del" key, and the Fn and Alt keys, all with the dot in the middle, and swapped them with my 2030usb, and am hoping I'll be able to do the same with the programmable.

  • Naugrim September 2010

    Good point.
    If the physical design of this futur keyboard is not already locked.
    Is it possible has it will be fully programmable to have under the keys a real matrix of switch.
    I mean some keys are biger than other (space bar is 5 keys large, maj enter and backspace are 2 keys heigh). If for exemple the 5 switchs under space bar could be programed independently, It will be possible to move it to an other place. maybe 1 rank on the right and reprogram the previous left switch of the space bar for somthing else.

    Even better if it is possible to by some blank keytops 2 or 3 key wide or to or 3 key heigh, it will be possible for any one to build any keyboard.

    For exemple splitting space bar in a 3 key wide space bar and a 2 key wide enter or backspace to have one of the most used key under each thumb.

  • @Naugrim: While being able to pick your own key widths and so on would be nice, it would be technically much more difficult to implement. Therefore the physical key layout on the programmable models with be the same as the most current USB 2030 model - however you should be able to reprogram any key to have any meaning you'd like. (I'm actually typing this on one of the proto-types, but we still have a lot of work to do before they're production ready, and things may still change when we get to the point of having them manufactured at the factory - as opposed to being handmade.)

  • Naugrim October 2010

    I am not speeking about selling an other physical layout, I am just speeking about selling some more blank keys tops individually appart and let the users change them as they like.

    And if you do not I stall can buy two keybords an get the other key I need on the second one.

    The only thing which is really neede is for the key switches under the key tops (the fives under space bar, the two under shifts and so on) to be able to be programmed independently.

  • TypeMatrix_admin December 2010

    @Naugrim: the problem is that the plastic shape and sensors under the larger keys are much different than simply two small keys. The real big keys like space for example even have metal support guides to keep them stable.

    If we had several sensors under them, it would be difficult for the keyboard to tell the difference between several key presses on the individual sensors and one big one - and it would be mechanically next to impossible to make them activate at the same time. I suppose they could programmatically be deactivated, but the mechanics of large keys just aren't the same as small ones - and it just won't work reliably.

  • Naugrim December 2010

    Ok thanks for the answer, for the software it is not an issue but for the hardware, I did not know about the mechanical constraint.

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