OSX, 106 mode, switch app and desktop keys
  • Geob October 2011


    On Linux and Windows, I switch the keyboard to 106 mode in order to remap the switch app key and desktop key to additional Ctrl keys (had to remap backslash key to "รง" and some app launch key too but no big deal).

    On OSX, when switching to 106 mode, the switch app and desktop keys are not working at all, when using EventViewer of KeyRemap4Macbok. Is there any tricks or drivers for OSX to make these keys working? I miss these additional Ctrl :(

  • TypeMatrix_admin November 2011


    unfortunately, not that we're aware of, but if we'd have to guess, OSX is based on FreeBSD under the hood, so I'd start looking in their forums for troubles with some scan codes being filtered (on macs).


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